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    Fictional language deciphered in Stray

    One enthusiast spent extra time in the game, and in less than seven days after its launch, he managed to decipher its fictional language.

    If you have played Stray, then you have come across strange symbols all over the world of the game that are on walls, on screens and in newspapers. Sometimes your B-12 droid companion will translate for you, but most of the time there is no way to know what certain things are actually saying. Well, as long as Josh Wirtanen is out Half-Glass Gaming didn’t put in the effort to figure out which letter in the English alphabet each symbol represents.

    He explains that he started with chapter titles. Each time you start a new part of the game, the symbols will display the title of the new chapter with the English translation at the bottom. This is where Virtanen started.

    While putting together the game’s alphabet, he found that some of the translations weren’t quite accurate. One of the sheet music you’ll find for Meowllody says the song’s name is Come On. However, when you give it to the robot, it claims that the song is called Cool Down. It’s certainly not perfect, but with the help of two commentators who figured out the symbols for Q and X, Wirtanen was able to translate every letter of the fictional language.

    This means that you can use it to read what is on the front pages of newspapers you come across or what is written on the screen that the B-12 cannot translate for you.

    As seen on PlayGround

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