FF7 Rebirth: Unlock All Swimsuits in Costa del Sol


FF7 Rebirth: How to Get Every Swimsuit in Costa del Sol

Unlocking Every Swimsuit in Costa del Sol

Costa del Amor Event Overview

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, amidst the combat and quests, there’s a chance for your party members to take a breather and enjoy the beach in Costa del Sol. To partake in this laid-back experience, your characters need to slip into some stylish beachwear. These outfits not only set the tone for fun in the sun but also affect your relationships with certain characters. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain all six swimsuits in the game and which ones you should opt for to impress Tifa and Aerith.

Earning Companion Cards

To access the swimsuits in Costa del Sol, you must participate in the Costa del Amor event. Advance through the main quest until you encounter Johnny, who will offer you a room at his Seaside Inn. After leaving your sword in the room, a cutscene in Costa del Sol will unfold. In this event, you’ll be paired with various characters to compete in games and earn companion cards, which you can later exchange for beachwear.


  • Pirate’s Rampage: A sharp-shooting challenge with Cloud and Barrett.
  • Card Carnival: Puzzle challenges with Cloud and Regina.
  • Cactuar Caper: Locate and photograph hidden cactuars with Aerith.
  • Royal Coast Concert: Fill in for a missing pianist with Tifa.
  • Wheelie Rendezvous: Collect scattered wheelies with Tifa.
  • Run Wild: Participate in an animal-themed challenge with Aerith.

Choosing Swimsuits Wisely

After acquiring the companion cards, visit the beachwear exchange booths in Costa del Sol to select your desired swimsuits. Cloud can choose from the Ocean Chocobo, Casual Ensemble, and Wild Surf Shirtless options. Aerith can don the Floral Delight and Pink Mermaid outfits, while Tifa has the Majestic Glamour and Shining Spirit suits.

FF7 Rebirth: Unlock All Swimsuits in Costa del Sol

Relationship Implications:

Your choice of swimsuit for Cloud impacts his relationship with Tifa and Aerith. Matching their preferences can affect future interactions and date opportunities at the Gold Saucer. Selecting the right combination can enhance your bond with both characters simultaneously.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a delightful beach experience filled with mini-games, companionship, and stylish swimsuits. Dive into the Costa del Sol escapade, unlock all the beachwear options, and enjoy the sunny shores with your favorite characters!

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FF7 Rebirth: Unlock All Swimsuits in Costa del Sol