FF7 Rebirth: Skip Nibelheim Demo (Ch. 1)


FF7 Rebirth: How to Skip Nibelheim Demo Portion (Chapter 1)

How to Skip Nibelheim Demo Portion in FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers players the opportunity to skip a portion of Chapter 1 by completing the Nibelheim section in the demo. Not only does this reward valuable items, but it also streamlines your gameplay experience. However, there is a specific step you need to follow to unlock these benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide

After completing the Nibelheim section of the demo, head to the main menu of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and select the “Bonuses” option. A popup will detail the bonus items available for claim. Choose to check your save data, allowing the system to scan your files and prepare for the skip.

Once you’ve completed this step, start a new game. You’ll need to play through the prologue and Nibelheim flashback until you reach the point where you ascend the mountain path. Here, you’ll encounter the opening credits and your first combat tutorial.

FF7 Rebirth: Skip Nibelheim Demo (Ch. 1)

After defeating enemies on this path, a popup will prompt you to confirm your demo save data. Select “Yes” to skip the Mako reactor investigation and resume your journey back at the Village, effectively skipping a portion of Chapter 1.

Additional Rewards

Aside from skipping gameplay sections, completing the demo also unlocks bonus rewards such as a Koo charm accessory and a survival set. To access these rewards, navigate to the DLC Bonuses tab in the system menu after gaining control of Cloud in the present-day storyline.

If your console has save data from the FF7 Rebirth demo, FF7 Remake, and the Intermission DLC, you may be eligible for even more bonuses to enhance your gaming experience.

And that’s how you can efficiently skip the Nibelheim portion in Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by completing the demo. For more tips and guides on all things Final Fantasy, don’t forget to check out our extensive wiki guide on IGN. Happy adventuring!

FF7 Rebirth: Skip Nibelheim Demo (Ch. 1)