Fast Chocobo in FF7 – Insider Tips


FF7 Rebirth - How to Get A Chocobo Right Away

Exploring FF7 Rebirth: A Chocobo Adventure

Embarking on the Chocobo Quest

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, players are in for a treat as Chocobo riding makes a grand return to the game. The journey to find these beloved creatures begins in Chapter 2, as you venture from Kalm into the Grasslands. Follow the quest markers to the abandoned Dock and make your way to the Chocobo Ranch where the real adventure begins.

Discovering Pico and the Ride of a Lifetime

At the Chocobo Ranch, players are introduced to Pico, a runaway chocobo that needs your help. After a stealthy approach and a heart-pounding moment, you’ll find yourself on Pico’s back, ready to ride. The exhilarating feeling of riding a chocobo in the vast grasslands is truly a magical experience.

Unleashing the Chocobo’s Potential

Once you’ve mastered the art of chocobo riding, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. The chocobo’s speed and looting abilities make traversing the grasslands a breeze. Additionally, their keen sense of smell can lead you to buried treasures waiting to be unearthed.

Fast Chocobo in FF7 – Insider Tips

Chocobo Taming Across Different Regions

It’s important to note that chocobos are region-specific in FF7 Rebirth. While Pico reigns in the Grasslands, other areas like Junon hold the key to untamed chocobos waiting to be ridden. By unlocking these creatures through quests like “Stuck in a Rut” at Gab’s Ranch, players can expand their chocobo riding adventures across diverse landscapes.

Exploring the Open World with Chocobos

There’s no denying the joy of exploring the world of FF7 Rebirth atop a majestic chocobo. Whether you’re racing through checkpoints, searching for hidden treasures, or simply enjoying the thrill of the ride, chocobos add a new dimension to the game that fans are sure to love.

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Remember, the journey is just beginning, so enjoy every moment of it! 🐤✨

Fast Chocobo in FF7 – Insider Tips