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    Farsiders beta now available on Steam

    The beta version of the role-playing game Farsiders, developed by the GambitGhost studio, has become available on Steam. The game was already available with 2 alpha releases and is now moving into beta where you will find chapters 1 to 5 and the sixth with the game’s ending is expected to be released at a later date.

    After the release of the final, which will be later, the development team will add different levels of difficulty, translations into other languages ​​and save slots.

    The game is divided into six exciting acts, each offering its own set of challenges, mysteries and surprises. The beta will launch with Acts 1-5, giving players a full understanding of the adventures that lie ahead of them.

    After the release of Act 6, the team had plans to add difficulty, localization, and save slot updates to the game. Determined to keep players interested and entertained, the team has put a lot of thought into introducing challenging difficulty levels. In addition, players have been looking forward to a robust save system that gives them the freedom to explore different game scenarios with an expanded set of save slots.

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