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    Fans Disappointed With Skimpy Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer

    Fans of the Test Drive series have expressed their disappointment with the new trailer for the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

    The 54-second trailer shown for the game mainly consisted of images of cars, accompanied by a voice-over explaining the connection between the driver and his car. Where at the end they showed nine seconds of what appears to be a game shot showing two cars driving down the same short section of a city street.

    Reaction to the trailer has been mostly negative, with dislikes on YouTube currently more than double the number of likes.

    Waiting a year to see just a minute-long trailer with no gameplay is clearly a red flag.

    I was expecting gameplay and demos of game modes, number of cars, maps, etc., but got a trailer with nothing in it.

    It’s okay if the game takes time, but you don’t want to get people excited about this stuff. What is it all about. When you actually have something to show, show it. We will wait.

    Announced in July 2020, the third game in the open-world Unlimited sub-series of the Test Drive franchise promises to let players master “fancy cars” in a “luxurious island world recreated on a 1:1 scale.”

    The game was originally supposed to be released in September 2022, but Nacon announced in May that it had been delayed until 2023 and the previous generation versions were cancelled.

    On the game’s official Discord server, fans are also disappointed by the relative lack of new content in the new trailer.

    To be honest, I think Nacon just made the mistake of announcing the game too soon. You won’t see anything about Forza Horizon until it arrives just a couple of months before its actual release.

    “Yes, that’s true,” agreed another. “But even then, they should have just kept quiet, and not teased these “revelations” that are starting to just annoy people.”

    I kind of expected to see a decent demo of the game engine, but apparently it’s too soon. What we got instead proves how early the game is in development and why it’s being delayed.

    As seen on PlayGround

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