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    Fallout 4 modder created a miracle by creating working stairs

    When Starfield unveiled its cinematic teaser at E3 in 2021, there were plenty of questions from eager fans. But one was especially loud because the character in the teaser was shown as unheard of in a Bethesda RPG: climbing stairs.

    Todd Howard was even asked about climbing stairs in a trailer. But he seemed to admit that it was just a cinematheque. “Well… climbing is not… don’t read too much on the stairs,” he said. “It’s a ladder to get in and out of the spaceship. That’s it.” In other words, stairs in Starfield will behave just like they do in Skyrim: like doors. Click on the ladder and a new area will load.

    However, you no longer have to settle for this in Fallout 4 because the modder made the stairs really work. And those work ladders are where it matters most: in your settlements. Now you can create them. Post them. And finally, climb them.

    Enjoy one of the most adorable fashion video guides I’ve ever seen (the host even dressed up in a tuxedo to mark the occasion).

    Climbable Ladders for Settlements includes ladders of three different heights. The climbing animation looks great (keep it in 3rd person though because it will be a bit wobbly in 1st person) and it even includes the hero sliding down the stairs instead of slowly going down like we normal people do. And best of all, NPCs will also use your new ladders.

    This is great for builders because stairs take up much less space than steps, and it’s also just nice to see stairs actually work in Fallout 4.

    As seen on PlayGround

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