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    Fall Guys players report automatic store purchases

    Some Fall Guys players say they make numerous unintentional purchases while browsing the game’s store and that Mediatonic refuses refunds.

    Reddit user Hold_my_cocoa created an extensive thread on the Fall Guys subredditcollecting a list of players who lost premium currency in the game or made automatic purchases in the store.

    According to them, when previewing a cosmetic item, the game automatically bought it. This would be a minor issue, but Mediatonic apparently has a no-refund policy, and players who say they’ve contacted support for a refund have been denied.

    The Reddit post contains a long list of players having issues with the Fall Guys in-game store, and the thread continues to grow. Some players even reported that their showbucks disappeared after they played the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The thread has links to other Reddit posts where players go into detail about these complaints, many of which offer video evidence.

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