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    Fall Guys attracts 50 million players in 2 weeks since free-to-play launch

    Fall Guys, the bean battle royale title developed by Mediatonic, has reached over 50 million players in the two weeks since going free-to-play on June 21, according to a Twitter post by the team.

    Aside from going free-to-play, the game was also released on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch two weeks ago, adding additional platforms for players to progress on alongside PC and PlayStation. With the aid of an Epic Games Store account, players can now progress across all four platforms, earning Crowns, Kudos, and seasonal pass progression that carries over. All costumes and cosmetics are accessible across all platforms provided the game is connected to the same Epic account on each one.

    In addition to being more accessible, Fall Guys has also run numerous special events during the first two weeks of its free-to-play era, providing players with limited-time rewards for competing in special playlists and competing challenges. Mediatonic has partnered with 343 and Halo for the Spartan Showdown event, as well as both Fortnite and Rocket League during Crown Clash. Players were also able to earn rewards in those games as well, not just in Fall Guys.

    Beginning July 7, there will be an Assassin’s Creed-themed event, during which players can complete Abstergo’s Challenges to unlock different event-themed cosmetics. Players can also purchase special costumes inspired by Valhalla from the Fall Guys in-game store, like Eivor and Odin.

    The transition to free-to-play has seen the game revitalized on the major platforms. From October 2021 to May 2022, the game averaged around 7,000 players and peaked just shy of 20,000 on Steam. In just the past 30 days, the average has gone up to 22,800 players and peaked just shy of 60,000. On Twitch, its viewership peaks and averages over the past month have been their highest since September 2020.

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