Fake Video Call Prank


Deepfaked video conference #shorts

Deepfaked Video Conference Unveils Startling Identity Fraud Trend

Recently, a shocking incident unfolded in Hong Kong where criminals managed to steal a whopping $26 million from a multinational company using deepfake technology. The perpetrators created convincing deepfake videos of employees and even the Chief Financial Officer, tricking an unsuspecting employee into transferring large sums of money.

The Elaborate Scheme

The victim, an employee from the financial department, received a message from the CFO with a link to a conference. Despite having some doubts, he decided to join the virtual meeting. To his surprise, all the employees and the CFO in the conference were deepfakes, indistinguishable from real people. The deepfakes were so convincing that the employee ended up making 15 transfers totaling $25.6 million without suspecting anything.

Rising Cases of Deepfake Fraud

This case marked a significant milestone as the first major deepfake financial fraud in Hong Kong. However, it is not an isolated incident, as deepfake-related crimes have been on the rise globally. In fact, according to research, deepfake cases have surged tenfold compared to the previous year.

Fake Video Call Prank

For more insights on identity fraud trends in 2023, you can explore the detailed report here.

Sumsub, a company dedicated to empowering compliance and anti-fraud teams, is at the forefront in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing, and online fraud. To learn more about Sumsub and their initiatives, you can visit their website here.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the incident serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of vigilance and stringent security measures to combat emerging threats like deepfake fraud. By staying informed and proactive, individuals and organizations can safeguard themselves against such deceptive practices.

Stay safe, stay vigilant!

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Fake Video Call Prank