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    Explosive Gameplay Trailer for Bullet Hell Platformer BIOTA Swarm Revealed

    BIOTA Swarm takes the popular Vampire Survivors formula into space and spices up the challenge with platforming sections. In the game, you’ll fight your way through randomized campaigns, rescue survivors, defeat bosses, and unlock new playable characters, automated weapons, and dozens of skills.

    Game Features:

    • Fast-paced roguelite shooter with high replay value
    • Randomized campaigns with levels set in various hostile environments.
    • A motley crew of playable characters to unlock.
    • Dozens of skills and bonuses to improve your heroes
    • A variety of automatic weapons that fire as you move through the levels.
    • Over 20 alien enemies with different behaviors and attack patterns

    The game is due out on Steam in the first quarter of 2023.

    As seen on PlayGround

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