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    Expeditions: Rome review

    Need to know

    What is it? Historical RPG with strategy elements set in an alternative-history Rome
    Expect to pay £30/$36
    Release date Out now
    Developer Logic Artists
    Publisher THQ Nordic
    Reviewed on Ryzen 7 5800H, Nvidia GeForce 3070 (mobile), 16GB RAM
    Multiplayer? No
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    It’s taken me dozens of hours—and at least a dozen more than I’d have liked—but finally I’ve done it. I’ve built a digital legacy for Robertus Atellius Somethingus that’s worthy of the glory (and twatty imperialistic entitlement) of Rome. I’ve assembled elite legions that have conquered Asia Minor, north Africa and Gaul, I’ve besieged cities, toppled corrupt Senators, assassinated enemies with my Wild Bunch of praetorians, and impressed a particularly horny and hubristic Cleopatra with my arrogance.

    It’s a solid CV for anyone applying for the role of Ancient Roman Consul. 

    Expeditions: Rome is a historical RPG that streamlines elements from games like Total War, with its campaign maps, and Divinity: Original Sin, with its tactical turn-based combat and CRPG-style overworld traversal, into an adventure that spans vast swathes of the Classical world.

    (Image credit: THQ Nordic)

    This is a game that familiarises you with the salutations, customs, weaponry, even diets, of the ancient world’s denizens while delivering a sweeping story of war and politics that also feels historically grounded despite letting you shape that history. 

    That historical angle, and the journey it takes you on across three distinct regions of the ancient world, makes this a worthwhile expedition, especially if you’re interested in the era. Like the good Roman Legate you are, however, you’ll need to remain stoic in the face of some friction along the way.

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