Ex-GTA 5 Dev Reveals Scrapped Story DLC


Ex-GTA 5 Dev Confirms Why "Kick-Ass" Story DLC Was Scrapped - IGN Daily Fix

GTA 5 Story DLC Cancelled Due to GTA Online Success

A former Rockstar developer has shed light on the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC that never saw the light of day. The cancellation of this expansion was reportedly a result of the overwhelming success of GTA Online post-launch. Joe Rabino, a senior camera artist and virtual cinematographer at Rockstar from 2010 to 2016, revealed that a standalone story DLC for GTA 5 was in the works but got shelved as GTA Online became a “cash cow” for the company.

GTA 5 Story DLC Plans

Rabino mentioned that after the release of GTA 5, a significant portion of the team moved on to developing Red Dead Redemption 2, leaving a smaller group to work on the story DLC. He expressed disappointment at the decision to scrap the project, citing the high quality of the content that was being developed. Despite the cancellation, aspects of the DLC supposedly made their way into later iterations of GTA Online, providing some consolation to the team.

Manor Lords Publisher’s Response

Shifting focus to another game, Manor Lords, the medieval city builder, faced criticism for lacking post-launch content. The publisher, Hooded Horse, defended the game against claims of insufficient updates, emphasizing that player satisfaction and developer contentment were crucial measures of success. They highlighted that Early Access titles require consistent updates to maintain player engagement, signaling a nuanced debate within the gaming community regarding content expectations.

Ex-GTA 5 Dev Reveals Scrapped Story DLC

Fallout London Mod Development

On a different note, the Fallout London mod for Fallout 4 is nearing completion, with the development team hinting at an imminent release. Following concerns over a Fallout 4 update impacting their mod, the team behind Fallout London is finalizing quality assurance tests before launch. Their dedication to delivering a polished experience underscores the commitment of modders to enhance the gaming community’s experience.

As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await new content and experiences, the intricate processes behind game development and modification continue to shape the industry. While some projects may face challenges or alterations, the passion and effort invested in creating engaging stories and gameplay remain constant.

Remember to appreciate the creativity and dedication of developers and modders alike as they strive to enrich the gaming landscape with fresh and exciting experiences!

Ex-GTA 5 Dev Reveals Scrapped Story DLC