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    Evil Geniuses releases Swim following internal investigation into abuse allegations

    Evil Geniuses has fired Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard three days after Amwe and several other alleged victims of the Legends of Runeterra content creator went public with abuse allegations. 

    Former EG content creator and Riot Partner Swim was accused by several women in the LoR community of sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse on April 11, along with allegations of drug use that included amphetamines and LSD. The esports organization EG, which the streamer represented for over three years, announced today that Swim is “no longer an Evil Geniuses employee.” Riot Games has also removed Swim from the League of Legends Partner program

    The Runeterra community quickly rallied behind the alleged victims of Swim following an initial 43-page document from Amwe on Twitter, along with several TwitLongers and threads from Silverfuse, Kelly/Callonetta, Jaggerouos, and Larissa “puffballpanda.”

    Prior to the announcement from EG, a screengrab of a Discord conversation was posted on Twitter that showed no remorse from the LoR streamer, with Swim making several disturbing comments and mentioning that he plans on taking a road trip to play poker. 

    Amwe responded to the release of Swim from both organizations with gratitude, feeling like justice had been served. And Silverfuse, a former employee of Swim and victim, thanked EG’s Nicole LaPointe Jameson directly on Twitter

    Swim never directly responded to any of the allegations brought before him or to Dot Esports but did try to get ahead of the story on April 10 via two mysterious streams that brought about more questions than answers. The VODs to those Twitch streams were deleted by Swim shortly after he ended them. 

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