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    Evil Geniuses out draft, outplay FlyQuest to continue run through LCS 2022 Spring playoffs lower bracket

    Evil Geniuses have shown that they’re sticking to their master plan to win the 2022 LCS Spring Split after a strong, 3–1 series win against fifth-seed FlyQuest.

    The young squadron outplayed FLY in a majority of the games fans watched today, save for the second. In fact, game two was the closest affair for both teams and eventually went on to be the longest game of the season at 51 minutes.

    In game two, FLY was able to rack up a 9.7k gold lead at around the 35-minute mark, but began to give away the lead through ill-advised engages from Josedeodo and Aphromoo. EG started to claw their way back by capturing Elder Dragon, but a last-second backdoor from FlyQuest’s top laner Kumo secured them their only win of the day.

    Across the rest of the matches, however, EG would draft perfect team compositions to combat FlyQuest’s relatively simple game plan. In games three and four, the LCS’ favorite green team opted for a heavy frontline with Ornn and Volibear to brute force engages into their opponents, but EG picked a combination of crowd control, zoning, and peel to protect their precious carries.

    Whether it was Gangplank’s barrels and ultimate, Trundle pillar, or Tahm Kench’s Devour, it was almost impossible for Toucouille and Johnsun to access the backline and attack the squishier targets on the enemy team.

    EG, on the other hand, watched as their rising AD carry Danny popped off on champions like Xayah, Jinx, and Zeri. The 18-year-old finished with 19 kills, 28 assists, and only four deaths on the way to a well-earned Player of the Series award.

    Now, the Geniuses must return to their lair to plot another scheme to take down Cloud9 when they face off against each other next weekend, on Sunday, April 17.

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