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    EVGA Unveils PowerLink 52U Adapter for GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin Edition Graphics Card

    EVGA at the end of June already released Power Link 41s for video cards with a 12VHPWR power connector. This block is an adapter with 4x 8-pin. connectors on 12VHPWR. And instead of connecting the power connectors from the end of the video card, they can be connected to the adapter at the back. In addition, PowerLink 41s acts as a power filter, it contains special capacitors. That increases stability of work, reduces ripples and noises. Finally, not without RGB lighting.

    EVGA appears to be working on the same solution for the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|N Hybrid Gaming graphics card. The PowerLink 52U was introduced by Jacob Freeman, EVGA Product Director. In this case, two 12VHPWR connectors are connected not from the end of the video card, but from the back.

    The adapter is named PowerLink52U. As the name suggests, five 8-pin plugs go to two 12VHPWRs. Of course, it’s still easier not to buy such a unit, but to connect two 12VHPWR cables from the PSU to the video card, but not all gamers have the appropriate power supplies or modular cables.

    It is not yet known if the PowerLink52U has a filtering function and RGB lighting. But the likelihood of this is very high. There is no information on the price, for PowerLink 41s you will have to pay $60.

    As seen on PlayGround

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