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    Everything unveiled for Genshin Impact’s Version 2.8 update

    The highly anticipated Version 2.8 update for Genshin Impact has now been fully revealed following the Version 2.8 Special Program. Version 2.8 is officially titled “Summer Fantasia” and will feature lots of new content, including the arrival of a new character, new types of events, summer-themed fun, character reruns, and new skins.

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    Return to the Golden Apple Archipelago: Summertime Odyssey

    Players will traverse unique islands in a revamp of the previous Golden Apple Archipelago event from summer 2021. In addition to many changes that will create a new island experience, the Golden Apple Archipelago-centric event will also feature special island domains with unique connections to the characters at the center of the storyline.

    The characters who will have unique connections and islands are Fischl, Mona, Kazuha, and Xinyan. Inside each character’s island domains, players will find specific challenges where they can choose various effects to help them complete the required tasks. Each island will also reflect the different character’s personalities and Elemental abilities.

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    Around the Golden Apple Archipelago, players can also access the “Surfpiercer” sailing race challenge. Players must board a boat and navigate a treacherous course while collecting orbs to improve their abilities during the race.

    The “Reminiscent Regimen” challenge event is another piece of the larger Summertime Odyssey event that players can participate in to gain rewards. This event will be the first specifically cooperative event, requiring players to team up with a friend or make a new one. It has several game modes that will ask players to complete various tasks such as protecting a vessel, eliminating enemies, or sailing through complex courses.

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    “Resonating Visions” will ask players to collect scattered conches around the Golden Apple Archipelago. This feature was part of the summer 2021 event in Genshin Impact, so players who participated in that run know what this event is. Each conch will tell players a short story or share some unique dialogue, and collecting more of them will yield better rewards.

    Players who gather enough materials during the Summertime Odyssey event can invite Fischl to join their team. While most Genshin Impact players probably already have her, they can still invite her to unlock one of her constellations and make her more powerful. Additionally, completing a series of specific tasks during this event will unlock a new free skin for Fischl.

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    Heizou’s arrival

    A new four-star AnemoCatalyst character, Shikanoin Heizou, will make his official debut in Version 2.8. The character is a “prodigy detective” who has caught many criminal masterminds and is regarded as a genius due to his impressive crime-solving abilities.

    Heizou aims to become regarded so highly that his reputation alone will stop criminals from even considering committing a crime. He is so dedicated to his goal that he has refused promotions to stay close to where the crime happens. Heizou’s ultimate goal is to rid the world of crime by stopping it from the beginning.

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    Heizou’s unique fighting style was showcased briefly in the Version 2.8 Special Program. He will be the second Anemo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact, and his movement and attack style is very melee based. The character’s Catalyst is not seen in his trailer as he instead directly packs Anemo punches and kicks directly onto his opponents.

    Character Reruns

    Kazuha, Klee, and Yoimiya will have reruns during the Version 2.8 update. Kazuha’s “Leaves in the Wind” and Klee’s “Sparkling Steps” featured banners will appear during the first half of Version 2.8 with Heizou as one of the four-stars with an increased drop rate appearing alongside both of them.

    Yoimiya will appear during the second half of Version 2.8 with her “Tapestry of Golden Flames” banner. This will be her second rerun, so payers who missed out on her debut will finally have a chance to wish on her again.

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    Diluc and Fischl skins

    Leaks have hinted at new skins for Diluc and Fischl for quite some time, but the Version 2.8 Special Program officially confirmed and showcased what they will look like in-game.

    Five-star Pyro Claymore character Diluc will receive the “Red Dead of Knight” skin. This skin will cost players actual money and will change the appearance of the character’s Pyro abilities in-game. It will also be connected to a unique challenge event centered around the story behind the outfit called “Hidden Strife.”

    Image via miHoYo
    Image via miHoYo

    Four-star Electro Bow character Fischl will receive a skin. Players can attain her “Ein Immernachstraum” skin for free by completing specified tasks during the Summertime Odyssey event.

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    Other Version 2.8 features

    Many smaller updates and features will also be arriving in the Version 2.8 update. These are as follows.

    • The “Acer Palmatum Chapter: Act I” Story Quest for Kazuha will finally be launched.
    • Players can participate in a new Hangout Event with Heizou to get to know the Anemo Catalyst character better.
    • The “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” event centered around gears and components will be available for players to participate in.
    • The Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Commemorative OST soundtrack will be released for fans.
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    Sumeru Teaser

    The last seconds of the Version 2.8 Special Program featured an exclusive first look at the upcoming Dendro region Sumeru. Players have eagerly been awaiting official news as to when this region will arrive, but it is speculated to arrive during the Version 3.0 update that will be released later this year because the Electro region Inazuma arrived in Version 2.0.

    You can view highlights from the Sumeru teaser in the Version 2.8 Special Program below.

    Image via miHoYo
    Image via miHoYo
    Image via miHoYo
    Image via miHoYo

    The official Version 2.8 Special Program for Genshin Impact features all the new content to come and the Version 2.8 trailer, courtesy of miHoYo.

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