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    Every corner of Hogwarts in the game Hogwarts Legacy will surprise and hide secrets

    Avalanche Software continues their series of short but very informative videos that show the level of detail of Hogwarts Legacy. This time the developers decided to dedicate the video to the interior design of Hogwarts. Surprising discoveries and magical secrets await players around every corner of the castle.

    On the example of the north tower of Hogwarts, we were shown how the developers worked on the design of the castle. Avalanche has paid a lot of attention to various objects and decorations that complement the atmosphere of the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy.

    As a reminder, the developers showed the courtyard of the castle with its magic watering cans, which take care of the plants.

    It will be possible to plunge into the world of magic and magic at the end of this year. Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to release in December 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

    As seen on PlayGround

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