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    EVE: Echoes Gets The Sleeper Update With New Enemies – Sleepers

    CCP Games has released the biggest update since the release of EVE: Echoes, called The Sleeper. The developers presented the debut trailer and shared details about the Sleepers – a new type of opponents.

    Previously, the Sleepers were considered an extinct race, but as it turned out, they hid for the time being, gaining strength and preparing to invade inhabited space systems. To counter them, pilots have gained access to a new implant technology that will make your avatar more powerful and your ship stronger and more reliable.

    In addition, now in EVE: Echoes you can start passing the new Dreaming Realm challenge, in which the heroes will face powerful bosses. You only need to fight them in a group, and a special reward is due for defeating such a powerful enemy.

    Read more about the update at game site. EVE: Echoes is available for free on all mobile platforms.

    As seen on PlayGround

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