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    Europe RMR B’s round 2 matches are now available

    The opening round of Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) B has been finalized today following Copenhagen Flames and ENCE’s victories over Sprout and Team Spirit, respectively.

    With that, the second round of the last RMR tournament for the PGL Antwerp Major in May has been consolidated. This next round will see teams with a 1-0 record in the Swiss stage system face each other, while the teams with a 0-1 record do the same. The matches will be best-of-ones series like the opening round as best-of-threes are only implemented for advancement or elimination games. All the upcoming matches are down below.

    1-0 pool

    • 9:20am CT: Players vs. Anonymo
    • 10:15am CT: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Bad News Eagles
    • 11:30am CT: Copenhagen Flames vs. SINNERS
    • 12:45pm CT: Astralis vs. ENCE

    0-1 pool

    • 9:20am CT: G2 vs. Sangal
    • 10:15am CT: Entropiq vs. Endpoint
    • 11:30am CT: HEET vs. Sprout
    • 12:45pm CT: Spirit vs. ASG

    The second round will have Anonymo and Bad News Eagles, two of the tournament’s heavy underdogs, face tier-one opponents once again. Anonymo overcame G2 in the first round, while Bad News Eagles moved past Entropiq. Should they pull another upset, they’ll have three best-of-three opportunities to qualify for PGL Antwerp Major and make history.

    G2 and Entropiq, on the other hand, will once again face underdogs and must win in order to not play an elimination match tomorrow. Missing the Major would be disastrous for both of them as they’re two of the strongest teams in Europe RMR B.

    The second round will be played throughout the day, and tomorrow we will have the first advancement and elimination matches.

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