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    Europa Universalis 4 will have new Scandinavian monuments

    This new content will be free for all owners of the Leviathan DLC and will arrive in Update 1.34. It focuses mainly on Scandinavia, like the rest of the updates.

    Paradox decided to add some more monuments to Europa Universalis 4. The goal was to fill some of the gaps that have been left since 1.32, especially in the Scandinavian region.

    The Falun Copper Mine was already in the game as a local modifier for the province of Dalaskogen. Since it was the main copper production site in Europe during the Art Nouveau era, they decided to turn it into a monument with local goods modifiers.

    The second is a monument built by King Eric VII in the early 15th century. Kronborg Castle was created to levy a sound toll, although it was later turned into a magnificent royal residence that grants defense modifiers.

    Similarly, the city of Visby, which was one of the main ports on the Baltic trade routes, its walls protected it from numerous enemies, making it the heart of an independent Gotland, with its shipbuilding and defense modifiers against sea invasions.

    After that we have the Trakai island castle. It was built at the beginning of the 15th century by Grand Duke Vytautas, first for military purposes, and then turned into a royal residence, which gives a labor modifier.

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