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    Epic Games founder criticizes Xbox and PlayStation for imposing paid multiplayer in games

    The other day, Microsoft officially said goodbye to the Xbox Live Gold subscription, which was transformed into Xbox Game Pass Core. The new version offers almost the same features: a set of free games and access to online modes for $10. The mandatory presence of a paid subscription to play multiplayer on consoles has become a main topic of discussion on social networks. Many users believe that it is time for Xbox and PlayStation to abandon this practice. The idea of ​​the players was openly supported by the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney.

    On his personal page on social networks, Tim Sweeney publicly criticized the platform holders. In his opinion, companies such as Xbox and PlayStation are not entirely honest in cashing in on popular network projects. Console players are forced to pay mandatory fees to access the game’s online features, even though the platforms themselves have nothing to do with them.

    No platform company should set the paywall before the network modes of other companies. This is a terrible practice that should never have been.

    — writes Tim Sweeney, head of Epic Games.

    As the head of Epic Games noted, he himself has nothing against subscriptions. His claim is that the Xbox and PlayStation are forcing players to pay for the basic functionality of most modern projects. According to Sweeney, subscriptions can be made attractive to players in more fair ways.

    Subscriptions should provide a set of new features and benefits provided by the company, and not take features created by others and lock them behind paywalls.

    Tim Sweeney said.

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