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    Epic Games conducts another survey with new Fortnite skin concepts

    Like snow on our heads, another portion of a fresh, warm … poll with skins fell on us. Usually polls were released every six months or even more, but this time only a couple of months had passed. There are no “Christmas” skins in the selection, so such a rush is incomprehensible, but enough words, it’s time to look at the concepts.

    As always, we will consider the concepts in order, starting from the first line. The first in the selection was a red and black girl in spiked armor, which from a distance is very similar to gills for some reason. After her comes an ordinary modern girl, nothing interesting. But then it’s hard to describe in words. The only thing that comes to mind is a gothic lantern from some mmo-rpg. Then comes another girl with wide legs, ears and a ponytail – a common occurrence.

    Then we can see a black robot, still with ears and wide legs. After the robe comes a new summer look for Eriza (it’s about time). And then, hold on to your pants, there’s a purple beefy version of the Blue Exorcist, why not. Then a couple more anime skins, and at the end we have scrambled eggs, Bratz, barberry and a red and white cyborg.

    In the second line, another wide-legged pink girl in a helmet with cat ears catches the eye. And right after it – yellow horned … who? Half of the characters in the survey seem to have been pulled out of other games. Next, surprisingly, is a guy with ears and a clear rosary. Then comes a pack of uninteresting skins, where at the end you can look at demonic girls for every taste and color.

    In the third line, we notice another image of Eriza, a bunch of anime skins, a couple of elementals and an unrealistically wide guy. In the penultimate line, firstly, there is Meowskul, and secondly, we can end there. In fact, here you can also pay attention to the butterfly guy and the little samurai with ears. Don’t look at Sloan.

    On the last line, you can find a liquid colored guy, a failed experiment with characters from another game, a curious one-horned demon, and a dog spirit. In total, we have eight pairs of cat ears and only four tails.

    As you have already noticed, there are a lot of skins in the game. And if earlier each of them somehow fit into the history of the island, now it’s just a conveyor belt of faceless outfits of the same type, poorly suited to the style of the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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