Epic Fail: How to Mess Up Big Time


How Do You Screw Up THIS BAD…

The Chaos of Game Launches and Industry News

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Launch Disaster

The recent launch of the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has been a rough ride for fans, with bugs, server issues, and missing content causing frustration. PC players have reported glitches like the camera spinning uncontrollably and console players facing game-breaking bugs. The storage requirements for the collection are also surprisingly bloated, leaving players scratching their heads.

Embracer Group Sells Saber Interactive

In a surprising turn of events, the Embracer Group has officially sold off Saber Interactive, a move that has raised eyebrows in the gaming industry. The sale to Beacon Interactive includes several other studios, potentially shaking up the landscape of gaming development.

RuneScape Creators Unveil New MMO

The creators of the beloved RuneScape, Andrew and Paul Gower, have announced a new MMO called Brighter Shores. With a focus on reducing grindy gameplay and offering episodic content, this new venture looks to capture the magic of their past successes while innovating for the future.

Epic Fail: How to Mess Up Big Time

Gaming Industry Highlights

– Star Wars Jedi Director Forms New Studio: Stig Esnus, known for his work on Star Wars Jedi games, has started a new studio called Giant Skull to work on a fresh AAA single-player adventure.
– Industry Banking on GTA 6: Analysts are hopeful that the launch of GTA 6 next year will inject new life into the gaming industry and drive growth.
– Dungeons and Dragons Game in the Works: Game Loft Montreal is developing a game set in the Forgotten Realms, blending survival, simulation, and action RPG elements for a unique experience.
– Hell Divers 2 Adds Flying Bugs: Arrowhead Studios is teasing players with flying bug enemies in a tongue-in-cheek manner, adding humor to the game’s propaganda.
– Tekken 8 Faces Costume Cheaters: Players on PC are reportedly using mods to make costume items oversized, causing issues in online matches and leading to potential bans.

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Epic Fail: How to Mess Up Big Time