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    Enthusiasts have deciphered the runes from the collector’s edition of God of War: Ragnarok in a few hours

    In the camp of fans of God of War turned out to be quite a lot of experts in ancient languages. In just a few hours, enthusiasts were able to decipher all the runes from the collector’s edition of God of War: Ragnarok. In the letters, the developers left messages to the characters from the game.

    Users have successfully translated the runic inscriptions on the nine-world map of God of War: Ragnarok and a separate message engraved on the steelbook. The first message is addressed to the two famous blacksmiths Brok and Sindri, where their achievements are praised.

    Training in their home kingdom of the dwarves was only the beginning of the future ambitions of the greatest blacksmiths – Brok and Sindri. Of course, they managed to create such miracles as Draupnir and Feather Cloak, but true genius knows no limits in perfection. They drew their wisdom from all nine worlds, including the world tree Yggdrasil itself, until they found inspiration to create the hammer of Mjolnir and the ax of Leviathan. Even the gods themselves are amazed at the wanderings of the two brothers, whose power of travel between worlds can be compared with the All-Father.

    God of War: Ragnarok Collector’s Edition Unboxing:

    On the steelbook, the developers tried to describe the deep relationship between father and son.

    Guiding Twilight – a bear and a wolf cub will overcome all nine worlds in order to prevent the inevitable, subjecting themselves and their family ties to a serious test of strength. Otherwise, their goal will remain unattainable.

    God of War: Ragnarok will release on November 9, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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