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    Enthusiast working on new single-player missions for Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Online updates may be dead, as are the souls of Rockstar’s leadership, but Red Dead Redemption 2’s excellent single-player experience still lives on, thanks in part to this ambitious mod that aims to add new missions, characters, and scenes to the Rockstar sandbox.

    CruelMasterMC’s Life of Crime mod is not yet complete, but it already comes with a character editor, new heist and train robbery missions, and a fully implemented prologue that sees your character break out of prison, meet their contact, and embark on a life of crime.

    The goal of the game is to deviate from the main Arthur Morgan/John Marston storyline and immerse the player in the role of another former prisoner trying to survive on the plains of New Hanover. Thanks to CruelMasterMC’s work on scenes, there are a few places in the game where your unnamed gunslinger crosses paths with Dutch van der Linde’s gang, but the game was basically meant to be a brand new Red Dead single-player experience.

    The original version of Life of Crime was released last year as a heist side mission that had you playing as Arthur. However, version 2.0 added a lot of new content, including missions, cinematics, and the ability to customize your female or male protagonist. There is a lot of work to be done, but CruelMasterMC stated that they have plans to add a full story, with scenes and voice overs. Given the eight-year hiatus between the first Red Dead Redemption and RDR 2, and the fact that Rockstar has all but confirmed it’s ditching Red Dead Online to focus on GTA 6, Life of Crime could be the closest we’ll get to a true continuation of the series. soon. You can find it here

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