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    Enthusiast Recreates Silent Hills PT Demo In Halo Infinite Forge Mode

    Some clever Halo Infinite co-op campaign testers have figured out a way to access the upcoming Forge mode and recreate Kojima’s masterpiece, allowing Xbox and PC players who own Halo Infinite to experience part of the former PlayStation exclusive Silent Hills PT that sadly never got to see. light.

    Death Templer’s creation includes the iconic hallway from the PT demo, and it looks pretty impressive. Based on this creation, it’s clear that the upcoming Forge is significantly different from previous Halos, and we’re very excited to see what else can be created once it’s released later this year.

    Much has been said and written about PT A demo was released back in August 2014 as a teaser for Konami’s Silent Hills reboot. Unfortunately, for various reasons, Konami later canceled the project and also removed the demo from the official PlayStation Store. The Silent Hills teaser is currently only playable by those who have it installed on a PlayStation 4 console, and while it was soon playable on a PlayStation 5 as well (for those who managed to transfer it from their PS4 console), the demo was quickly made impossible to play on a new generation Sony console.

    As seen on PlayGround

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