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    Enthusiast overclocked Super Game Boy to 5.35 MHz

    An enthusiastic developer under the nickname nensondubois has published a modification of the arcade fighting game World Heroes 2 Jet for the Super Game Boy using a special processor mode. The modification overclocks the device to 5.35 MHz.

    The Super Game Boy is a dedicated SNES adapter cartridge that allows you to run the latest classic Game Boy games and use SNES controllers. The device supports monochrome and color Game Boy cartridges. The adapter is also known for playing audio 2.4% faster than a classic portable console. This is due to the fact that the SNES processor operates at a frequency of 4.29 MHz instead of 4.19 MHz.

    Developer nensondubois has discovered a hidden Super Game Boy processor overdrive mode. According to him, Nintendo did not want users to access it, so the mode can only be found in the SNES system menu, not the Super Game Boy itself. Other enthusiasts have confirmed that the nensondubois build actually runs the game at 5.35 MHz.

    In support of this, samples of the launch of the game were published on the Web. Audio plays faster and louder, but there are picture issues. Graphics errors and artifacts often appear on the screen. It is likely that because of this, Nintendo did not use the accelerated mode of the processor. Also, some users believe that the mode was used by developers.

    The Web notes that to overclock the processor Super Game Boy does not need to make changes to the firmware code. Also, the overclocked processor is cooled passively and no special cooling systems are required.

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