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    Enthusiast created utility to warn RTX 4090 owners about 12VHPWR overheating

    A Reddit user has submitted a monitoring program to monitor the temperature of 12VHPWR connectors, including Nvidia RTX 4090 video cards. The program uses a 10k sensor that measures this temperature.

    According to user u/mamolengo, such a sensor can be purchased for $8-10 on Amazon, and most motherboards have connectors to support it. He himself connected the sensor to the Corsair iCUE Commander Pro.

    The developed program will read the sensor data and issue a command when the temperature of the connector reaches a “certain level”. For example, an application can be programmed to reduce GPU power, exit an application/game, or shut down the computer immediately. The program on the user’s Linux system allows you to read the temperature of the sensor and the fan speed.

    Also, the application can be used to potentially prevent damage from incorrect connections and the damage that can be caused by this. In the latter case, users will be able to report high temperatures to the GPU manufacturer so that the card can be repaired under warranty.

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