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    EMPRESS hacker hacked Dead Island 2

    The well-known notorious hacker EMPRESS announced a successfully passed beta test of a crack for the zombie action Dead Island 2. The beta test passed in record time – it started just yesterday, during which, obviously, no problems were found. Thus, the game was hacked and lasted for almost 3 months.

    According to the .nfo file, Dead Island 2 has Denuvo V18, the same version as Resident Evil 4. Posting links in the download comments is prohibited by the rules of the site.

    EMPRESS hinted at this crack when they released the Resident Evil 4 crack in mid-May. The clue was “The Third Time’s The Charm” which is credited to Dead Island 2 as the latter game has changed developers three times (Yager Developments, Sumo Digital and Dambuster Studios) since its announcement in 2015 until it was released on April 21 this year.

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