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    Emiru calls Riot lead champion designer after getting deleted by Viego in League

    Popular Twitch streamer and OTK content creator Emiru did what many League of Legends players wish they could: directly calling Riot August to rage about Viego after being deleted by the champion.

    Playing as Jhin, Emiru locked herself down using her champion’s ultimate when an enemy Viego made an unfortunate appearance. Going from full health to zero in a matter of seconds, the streamer was powerless after being initially stun locked. Exclaiming after being hit with a gray screen, Emiru instantly went to call League’s lead champion designer, Riot August.

    After picking up the phone, Emiru immediately bombarded Riot August with questions pertaining to choices in Viego’s design. “So why did you make it so Viego can kill me from full health?” Emiru plainly asked. “I’m stunned the whole time. I was ulted as Jhin and he just walked up and killed me.”

    “Well, when I was making Viego, I thought, ‘you know, one of these days, Emily is going to play against him and I want her to have a really bad time,’” the champion designer said. “So I made him to counter Jhin. That’s it, that’s the story actually.”

    Emiru went on to protest Riot August’s answers, laughing off her pain despite still having to deal with a fed Viego for the rest of the game. Though Emiru’s criticisms of Viego’s champion design may have fallen on deaf ears, she used the most direct method of communication she could.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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