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    Elon Musk wants to revive the Vine app

    Elon Musk has finally acquired Twitter, officially kicking off his new venture to transform the platform that supports free speech. The report also reveals that he has a possible Vine revival on the agenda.

    According to Axios, Musk asked Twitter engineers to take a look at the old Vine codebase. Another source also said that “it needs a lot of work,” but the project appears to be in the pipeline nonetheless.

    This message can be trusted as Musk himself posted a poll on Twitter asking people if he should return Vine. Popular YouTuber MrBeast responded by saying, “If you could do this and really compete with Tik Tok, that would be hilarious.” In response, Musk asked him what could be done to make it better than TikTok, and MrBeast replied: “YouTube has shorts, insta has reels, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. all copy TT. Whatever you do , make it hard to copy, otherwise it’s a waste of time.”

    Of all the Twitter plans Musk mentioned, this one came as a total surprise. Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 before its official release in 2013, quickly gaining popularity. However, it was unable to survive in the face of increasing competition, and Twitter eventually shut it down in 2016. Now perhaps we will see the return of the app that popularized the short video format.

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