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    Elder Scrolls Online developer denounces negative ‘hasty reaction’ to upcoming update

    The Elder Scrolls Online Lost Depths DLC is currently being tested on the PTS server, but the community response to ESO 35 update and patch 8.1.0 has been stormy, to say the least. The creative director of the MMO game said about this: “I understand that change is scary.”

    The ESO Lost Depths patch notes on the PTS revealed that there will be big changes to the combat system, which the Zenimax Online team says are aimed at “improving accessibility” and “suppressing high-level damage.”

    However, fans don’t agree with some of these combat changes, especially the massive DPS and skill reductions. A quick scan of the Elder Scrolls Online Reddit page revealed a lot of threads unhappy with the DPS changes in patch and update 35.

    Zenimax Online Creative Director Rich Lambert took to Twitter to comment on the reactions and was not entirely flattering about them, calling them “hasty reactions”, “tedious and frustrating”. “I understand change is scary,” he added, asking players to “experience real change before guessing and going wild.”

    Hasty reactions… although they are not unexpected, they are still tiring and disappointing. I understand change is scary. But at the same time, a little trust would be very helpful. At least experience real change before guessing and complaining…

    Needless to say, fans haven’t been swayed by this either, though others are willing to give the update a shot. However, while there are likely to be changes to combat, as it’s only happening on the test server at this stage, it’s possible that Zenimax Online will fix some of the issues prior to the release of the update.

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