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    Elden Ring Player Defeated All Bosses Without Taking Damage

    Bosses in Elden Ring are known for their ferocity, and the game itself is recognized as one of the most difficult. However, as the game is not the first time, users begin to cope with opponents more easily, and therefore complicate the task themselves, setting themselves difficult goals, for example, to complete the game without a weapon or in a certain time. Twitch streamer with nickname GinoMachino last March wrote on his twitterwhich will defeat all the bosses in the game without getting hit by them.

    It was a real “no damage playthrough” as the streamer had to restart the game every time they took damage. The broadcast lasted about nine hours, after which GinoMachino was still able to complete the game by defeating all the bosses and taking no damage.

    Thus, the streamer became the first Elden Ring player in the world to complete this challenge.

    As seen on PlayGround

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