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    Dying Light 2: Stay Human receives hotfix 1.11.4 fixing several bugs and issues

    Today, Techland released hotfkeys update 1.11.4 for PC and console versions of Dying Light 2, fixing some bugs of the problem

    • Fixed an issue with the missing Chicken Wing paraglider from the Chicken Bundle DLC.
    • Fixed issue with missing PK crafting plan for crossbow and crossbow bolt after converting a save to NG+.
    • Fixed an issue with volatiles and being too survivable in co-op.
    • Fixed an issue where Unstable Tyrants were missing from the map.
    • Fixed a bug due to which viruses did not appear during the episode “Get to Killian’s House” in the quest “Become stronger”.

    In addition to the fixes mentioned above, there are also several improvements to Community Maps and Developer Tools:

    • Fixed an issue with several story objectives missing.
    • Fixed problem with broken calls.
    • Fixed an issue with missing meshes in Dying Light 1.

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