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    DRX decimate ZETA DIVISION in 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík opening match

    DRX put on a dominant display of VALORANT in the opening match of VCT Masters Reykjavík today, running over ZETA DIVISION in two one-sided maps to move to the winner’s final of their group stage bracket.

    The teams debuted on the new stage, a closer and more intimate setting compared to previous events that is prime for talking trash and connecting on fistbumps. DRX started Icebox by connecting rounds together early, thriving on the decision to swap BuZz back onto Jett. The aerial duelist got fast spike plants with MaKo (on Viper) clutching in the post-plants, leading to an overwhelming 10-2 DRX lead at halftime.

    A sneaky defuse by Rb in the second-half pistol was the nail in the coffin for ZETA on their own pick of Icebox, losing both bonus rounds and falling 13-2.

    Turning to Haven, DRX resumed their ferocious attack side with punishing executes onto the A site throughout the half. DRX stacked utility from Omen, Breach, and Sova to give Rb (Jett) all the info and help he could need to make plays, with BuZz using Killjoy to lock down post-plants, leading to an 11-1 lead at halftime.

    ZETA found themselves down 12-1 before they finally strung a couple of rounds together, but that was all before DRX shut down a C site push to bring the series to an end.

    DRX looked nearly flawless in their return to the international stage for the first time since moving away from the Vision Strikers name. Switching jerseys hasn’t slowed the Korean roster down in the slightest, with only one series loss so far this year. The core of the roster are proud owners of the largest winning streak in VALORANT’s young history and played as dominantly today as they did during that magical run.

    DRX move ahead to face the winner of tomorrow’s Group A match between Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas, with a top group seed and a playoff spot on the line.

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