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    Doublelift on MSI 2022 ping: ‘[it’s apparently] more like 60 with packet loss’

    The Mid-Season Invitational is being played on 35 ping this year due to Royal Never Give Up, the Chinese representatives, having to play all the way from home.

    In a recent stream on Twitch, former League of Legends pro Doublelift chimed in on the MSI 2022 ping situation and discussed what he has heard from other players.

    “What I’ve heard from [TSM’s] Tactical is that the ping doesn’t feel like 35,” Doublelift said. “He [Tactical] says that this ping feels more like 60 with packet loss.”

    Doublelift explained the negative impact of the uncharacteristically high ping and what consequences it might have for the players at the international event. “It’s really inconsistent, which makes the game very laggy,” he said. “And, on top of that, it doesn’t feel like 35.” The 28-year-old expressed that this is probably because it’s “artificial ping” instead of “naturally occurring ping.”

    “They [Riot] probably fucked up, they probably overdid it,” Doublelift added.

    As many have already pointed out, an environment like this might also have a negative impact on playmaking. And Doublelift agrees with this sentiment. “Faker did an interview where said that the ping is actually going to dictate what the good picks are…I think the whole situation is horrible,” Doublelift said. On May 10, Evil Geniuses support Vulcan also said the ping “feels unstable.”

    The group stage of MSI 2022, which takes place in Busan, South Korea, continues throughout the week. The top two teams from each group will advance to the rumble stage.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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