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    Dota 2 – Why Is Omniknight So Bad?

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    Once in a new moon, a new meta rises from the ashes. From this new meta, some heroes float to the top and others sink to the bottom. In this current meta, some wacky things have floated to the top that no one predicted. Sniper support, Weaver support, Luna offlane, and other combinations unseen in the history of Dota.

    One hero that sunk to the bottom of the current meta is Omniknight. In examining why Omniknight has fallen so low, we’ll learn about this current meta, what’s strong, and why it’s strong so you can start winning your pub games.

    Ominknight’s pick and win rate

    In the Dotabuff meta page, every hero’s win rate is tracked from the last month.

    Across every skill bracket, Omniknight has a under 49% win rate. In Divine/Immortal games he’s at 43.92% win rate.

    At the latest major tournament, ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online, Omniknight is one of three heroes who remain unpicked. The other two are Dark Seer and Pudge.

    Successful heroes’ pick and win rate

    Let’s look at some heroes doing well and picked often to compare against Omniknight.

    Pub games

    In the Divine/Immortal bracket in the offlane role, the top heroes are:

  • Luna
  • Lycan
  • Beastmaster
  • Visage
  • Venomancer
  • Lone Druid
  • Enigma
  • ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online

    The most picked heroes at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online so far have been:

  • Earthshaker – 97 matches, 54.64% win rate.
  • Queen of Pain – 85 matches, 55.29% win rate.
  • Ember Spirit – 67 matches, 53.73% win rate.
  • Dragon Knight – 66 matches, 51.52% win rate.
  • Beastmaster – 66 matches, 48.48% win rate.
  • Rubick – 65 matches, 44.62% win rate.
  • Bane – 62 matches, 54.84% win rate.
  • Nature’s Prophet – 62 matches, 48.39% win rate.
  • Phoenix – 61 matches, 57.38% win rate.
  • Why Omniknight fails and other heroes succeed

    New map objectives

    Do you find yourself looking at the game clock more often? You should, new objectives have made moving across the map and being aware of the time more important than ever.

    Every 10 minutes, Outposts give experience which can lead to a snowballing effect when one team gets all the experience and the other gets none.

    Every five minutes, Bounty Runes spawn and the gold gain adds up. A team that collects all the bounty runes, or gets most of them, will have a significant advantage that becomes harder to claw back from.

    Collecting Bounty Runes means your supports will be able to buy Sentry Wards which reduces your vision, item timings will arrive faster, and the cost of teleport scrolls can be negated.

    These objectives mean heroes with high mobility can impact the game more than those with low mobility. This is a reason why heroes like Queen of Pain, Nature’s Prophet, Ember Spirit, and Phoenix are popular in the current meta. They’re able to travel large distances with their abilities.

    Omniknight is a slow hero with a poor cast range. He has to walk from place to place. This is useful if you’re protecting one core and walking down a lane, but in this meta, moving across the map to collect objectives is what gives your team advantages that can snowball.

    Towers are harder to push

    Towers were buffed in recent patches. A slight buff can make all the difference when it comes to a game like Dota and this slight buff has led to a return of push type heroes.

    Heroes that are doing well in the offlane like Luna, Lycan, Enigma, Beastmaster, Venomancer, Lone Druid, and Visage all have some kind of pushing ability. Either summons or auras, these heroes are known for their ability to push well.

    When you kill towers, the map opens up more. This lets you move around easier while making it more difficult for the enemy. This movement leads to easier objective taking.

    When you can teleport to your mid tier one tower or move unobstructed across enemy territory because of their lack of towers, you can collect Bounties or claim Shrines easier.

    This all leads back to how collecting objectives helps you win the game.

    Omniknight’s strength is protecting his team. This is useful when the meta involves fighting or surviving, but this meta is about movement and objectives. Omniknight’s toolkit doesn’t involve objective taking.

    Games are ending faster

    The average game length at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online has been 35 minutes 23 seconds.

    At ESL One Los Angeles, the average game length was 34 minutes 37 seconds.

    In January, the games were slightly longer.

    At DreamLeague Season 13, the average game length was 40 minutes 40 seconds.

    At WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020, it was 39 minutes 28 seconds.

    What does this mean? When games are ending faster, each objective increases in importance.

    It also means that the teams that collect more objectives, gain an almost insurmountable advantage and by 35 minutes, they can end the game easily.

    Omniknight is too slow to walk across the map when people are meeting at objectives every five and 10 minutes. This means that teams with heroes that can meet at objectives more often will have an advantage in collecting them, which provides the entire team additive advantages over the course of the game.

    Final thoughts

    The name of the game in this meta is speed. You need to react faster than your enemies and collect as many objectives as you can. Heroes like Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit, and Nature’s Prophet excel at this. Omniknight is slow.

    You also want to push towers faster so the map opens up more for your team. Heroes like Beastmaster, Enigma, and Venomancer excel at this. Omniknight isn’t exceptional in this area.

    Games are ending faster so each objective increases in importance. When Omniknight is sitting in lane collecting his gold and experience, he’s not helping gain team objectives. By 20 or 30 minutes, Omniknight might have a few items, but if the enemy team was running around the map, then they would have slightly more than their opponents.

    A good experiment might be to rush Blink Dagger or Boots of Travel on Omniknight. A 15 minute Blink Dagger or Boots of Travel on Omniknight might be all the difference that’s needed to even the imbalance of his immobility. Someone try this and report back in the comments!

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