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    Dota 2 – Updated: Hero Mastery

    As the Dota world hurtles towards the Regional Finals and the patch immediately following them (finally!), we’ve been busy here at Dotabuff expanding our newest feature: Hero Mastery!

    Hero Mastery allows you to dive deeper into your performance on each hero. You’re able to compare your stats on each hero against your skill bracket and the one above to understand where your strengths are and where you might want to focus your practice.

    Understand your favorite heroes!

    Practice on meta heroes!

    See how patches impact key performance stats!

    Our expanded offering now features time-interval data, telling you how you’re performing on average each match and also at four-minute intervals up to 60 minutes. You can check out your last hits, denies, gold per minute, and experience per minute from the start of the game to the end of the game.

    See where you’re getting ahead of your skill bracket and know when to push your advantage!

    Hero Mastery is available for Dotabuff Plus subscribers alongside a variety of other fantastic data-rich features. Go deeper to understand the story of each of your matches, scout the opposition, and build on the progress you’ve already made in Dota 2.

    You can find Hero Mastery on the player page as one of the Player Navigation tabs. As an example, see Team Spirit’s Yatoro’s Hero Mastery page here (if you’re a Dotabuff Plus subscriber).

    Dotabuff Plus is available now for only $6/month or $56 annually. Learn more here.

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