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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierVici Gaming Become DreamLeague Champions, Valve Releases 7.21d, and Forward Gaming Reshuffle Roster

    Vici Gaming Become DreamLeague Champions

    Image by DreamHack

    Vici Gaming took down Virtus.Pro in the grand finals of the DreamLeague Stockholm Major, taking home the 1st place prize of $350,000 and 4950 DPC points.The Chinese team had a most impressive run that started with winning the Starladder Minor, and now they’re the Major champions, along with clinching a spot for TI9 in Shanghai.

    It came down to the final game of the best-of-five series. With a last pick Nature’s Prophet, Vici Gaming was able to accelerate the early game, taking out all of VP’s towers in 10 minutes, and sealing the series in just 22 minutes. It was another match to tally for Oracle, who had a ridiculous 68% win rate (in 38 picks) this tournament.

    Valve Releases Patch 7.21d

    Following the end of the Stockholm Major, Valve releases patch 7.21d, targeting some of the most and least popular heroes of the meta. From our meta trends, Viper has been hit the hardest, with nerfs to one of his core items, Rod of Atos, and to his base stats and Nethertoxin. Even though his win rate has dropped 3.3% in pubs, he still sits at a 53% win rate–enough to still be in the top 10 on the charts.

    The winner so far has been Drow Ranger, with a significant 5.3% increase in win rate. Her story is a case for how a small change tip the scales. For a hero who starts with a paltry BAT, the additional 6 starting Agility and increase of Agi gain (2.5 to 2.8) went a long way.

    Forward Gaming Reshuffle Roster

    We’re excited about the new additions to the team and looking forward to seeing how they shake things up in the weeks ahead! #PushForward

    1. @YawaRYS
    2. @ccncdota2
    4. @MSSDota

    — Forward Gaming (@goFORWARDgg) March 24, 2019

    In a video, Forward Gaming CEO, David Dashtoyan announced a reshuffle for the organization, mentioning that while the season has been extremely challenging, “everyone inside Forward gaming had faith in the lineup.”

    The roster shuffles out three of their current players. SVG will be retiring from Dota2, while both Universe and Resolution will be taking a break. Resolution, however, will still remain on the roster.

    CCnC (mid), Sneyking (offlaner), and Kitrak (position 5) will be the new adds to the roster, with Sneyking and Kitrak on a trial period. The roster is to be finalized after MDL Disneyland Paris.

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    Rofl, Kitrak.

    Summer of 69 2019-03-27

    lol kitrak

    ETd 2019-03-27

    Kitrak hehehehehe

    rlk 2019-03-27


    Pawley Lequa 2019-03-27

    ccnc is back Pepega

    Renzo 2019-03-28

    i hope miracle win this but chinese dotes hmppp ching? nevermind hehe

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