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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierTI Invites & New Format and Clips Launch

    Happy Friday!

    Clips Announced

    YESTERDAY, we at Dotabuff announced the launch of our newest feature, Clips. Game highlights will be clipped in real time and sorted by player, hero and tournament. Never miss out on a game highlight.

    Find the official and detailed announcement here.

    Valve expands TI to 18 participants, cuts Wildcards

    announced the invites for this year’s International. The top 4 teams from the Kiev Major (OG,, EG and iG) have been invited directly, together with recent Epicenter champions Team Liquid and Zotac Cup and Galaxy Battles winners Newbee. With the two additional regional qualifiers, South-America and CIS, Valve has decided to extend the list of participants for this year’s TI to 18 teams. As a result, there will be no Wildcard tournament to open the event. Additionally, two teams will be eliminated after the group stage, meaning that only 16 teams will play on the main stage at Key Arena.

    A detailed explanation of the tournament format and the regional qualifier distribution can be found here. win The Summit

    Photo by Epicenter

    With 81 different hero picks, made their victory at The Summit 7 look almost too easy. The Russians may have been defeated by LGD in the semi finals, but ever since then they seemed to breeze through the bracket. It is the team’s first LAN title since The Summit 6.

    A record of their tournament run can be found here.

    Battle Pass Bundle

    A week after the release of the Immortals Treasure chest II, Valve has released a Battle Pass Bundle on time for the Steam Summer Sale. Similar to last year, users are allowed a single purchase of this bundle, which grants 80 Battle Pass levels, 4 Immortals Treasure I chests and 4 Immortals Treasure II chests. Unlike last year though, no Collector’s Cache is included. The sale only lasts this weekend.

    The announcement can be found here.

    Open Qualifier

    The Open Qualifiers for The International 2017 have begun. Execration (SEA), Cool Beans (EU), M19 (CIS), Team OP (NA). Across the next two days, teams from around the world will compete to join the best teams in their region. Notable teams in the remaining open qualifiers include WG.Unity, Team Dango (End, Blink, Xz, iceice, mrrr) and Moogle (Meracle and co).

    The tournament results can be found here.

    Tournament Overview

  • Newbee emerged victorious at Galaxy Battles. A clean 3-0 sweep over Planet Odd ensured them the title.
  • The Main Regional Qualifiers for The International 2017 are set to begin this Monday, June 25th. A total of 60 teams from across the world will compete for 12 spots at the most prestigious Dota 2 event of the year. .
  • Thanks for catching up with us. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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