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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierSecret Shop Drama, Cloud 9 Returns and Approved Visas

    Happy Friday!

    TI7 Secret Shop opens… and closes again

    At the beginning of this week, Valve announced the TI7 Secret Shop, presenting new merchandise ready to be ordered. The announcement had a bitter aftertaste as the shipping costs wound up too high for many parts of the world and after a streak of complaints on reddit, Valve has decided to shut down the Secret Shop just two days after its release, while they “figure out how to better handle global distribution”. Orders that have been made so far can either be cancelled still or will otherwise be fulfilled as planned.

    The original announcement can be found here.

    Hellraisers acquire Planet Dog roster

    European underdog Planet Dog has officially acquired a new sponsor. Two weeks prior to the TI7 qualifiers, the roster had split with Prodota and has since been on the lookout for a new sponsor. The team is set to represent Hellraisers at TI7. Hellraisers had previous Dota 2 rosters, though past a 9th-12th place at DAC, the organization has failed to find any notable success in the Dota 2 scene.

    The announcement can be found here.

    China and Philippines acquire visas

    LFY, both iG squads, Execration and TNC have successfully acquired the necessary visas to travel to Seattle. Previously, several players have had issues acquiring visas, iG.V was forced to participate with stand-ins at the Boston Major and Execration was denied to play at the tournament altogether. Only Infamous and Hellraisers, formerly known as Planet Dog, have yet to report successful visa applications.

    Find all the announcements here: LFY, iG, TNC and Execration.

    Image a courtesy of TNC.


    American media conglomerate Turner has announced that ELEAGUE, which has been home to CS:GO, Overwatch and Streetfighter tournaments, will broadcast a four-part series on TBS going into The International. The series, set to premier on August 4th, will be hosted by ELEAGUE host Richard Lewis, will feature Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson and TBS will also air Valve’s documentary “Free to Play”. CompLexity Gaming has been confirmed to be one of the teams featured in the series. The official press release can be found here.

    Team NP roster to represent Cloud 9 at TI7

    Photo by Team NP

    Cloud 9 returns to the Dota 2 scene. In a surprising announcement last night, the North-American esports organization announced the return of five former players. The team around captain EternalEnvy, formerly known as Team NP, is set to represent Cloud 9 at the International 2017. All 5 players have at some point played for C9 before, 4 even together at TI4. What this move means for the future of the Team NP brand remains unknown for now. The announcement can be found here.

    Tournamnet Overview

  • Execration and Mineski have qualified for this year’s WCA LAN finals. In the South-East Asian qualifier, Mineski won the finals 2-0 against XctN and took home about $30,000 USD.
  • DreamLeague Season 7 LAN finals are currently taking place in Atlanta, featuring TI participants Team Secret and Team Liquid, as well as Vega Squadron and Planet Odd. The event is set to finish on Sunday (EDIT: Correction, it is set to finish on Saturday).
  • Also Noteworthy

  • The Arcana vote is down to its final 4. Sniper vs. Rubick and Invoker vs. Pudge. Voting will be closed in a week!
  • Voting for the TI7 All-Star match will close on Monday. 10 players can be voted into teams to compete for $100,000 USD in prizemoney in a showmatch at TI7.
  • The submission deadline for this year’s Short Film Contest is on July 25th. Submissions can already be voted on in the steamcommunity.
  • The Clip of the week goes to Rex Regum’s Yabyoo who turns around a team fight and finishes it with a rampage

  • Thanks for catching up with us. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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