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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierPuppey and Dendi Reunite At Autumn Brawl, Liquid Drops Out Of Dreamleague Minor, Happy Guys Lead at World Showdown Of Esports

    Puppey and Dendi Reunite At Autumn Brawl

    With Secret.Midone taking a break from Dota, Team Secret teased that Puppey will be “dialing up a friend” to standin at the Autumn Brawl. The reveal turned out to be Puppey’s former Na’Vi teammate, Dendi, with whom he won TI in 2011 and placed 2nd in the next two years, before he left and formed Team Secret. The two did have a brief reunion during TI5’s all star game, but this match would be their first time playing together at a pro event.

    We welcome @DendiBoss as our stand-in for #SecretDota this week.

    You will be able to catch him and the rest of #SecretDota playing later in the @dota2mc Autumn Brawl Playoffs. #SecretFighting


    — Team Secret (@teamsecret) October 9, 2018

    Team Secret ended up losing 1-2, but Dendi had a near perfect Drow performance in the team’s single win. Dendi is still a free agent today, and he has said that he’s not done yet with Dota.

    Team Liquid Drops Out Of Dreamleague Minor

    Unfortunately we will not be attending the DreamLeague Minor at the end of this month for health-related reasons.

    GLHF to the teams still attending!

    — Team Liquid (@TeamLiquid) October 11, 2018

    Citing health issues, Team Liquid announced they will not be attending the Dreamleague Minor, a tournament which they fought to qualify for. OnTwitch, former Team Liquid Coach, Heen, said that he’s been “told the health issue isn’t that serious” and that the team isn’t necessarily sick, but were told by doctors to take a break. Not only has Team Liquid been one of the most top, consistent teams in the past two years–a championship run in 2017 and finishing 4th at TI8–they’ve also maintained the same roster. Team Lithium will replace Team Liquid at the Dreamleague Minor.

    Happy Guys and The Final Tribe Lead Group Stages At World Showdown Of Esports

    In Las Vegas, eight teams are competing for a $100,000 prize pool at the World Showdown of Esports. Half the teams were eliminated yesterday during the group stages, with Happy Guys and The Final Tribe leading the pack. The event ends today with the final four teams, Happy Guys, The Final Tribe, J.Storm, and Serenity in a bo3, single elimination bracket.

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    OMG, first!? ¬¬


    Sad news about Liquid, but remember – it’s important to take breaks from games, why not go outside for a bit? Hype for Happy Guys, though! I’m a fan of SynderN and buugi, can’t wait to see more of their gameplay! Odd feels about Secret… Hope they do well for the diehard fans at least.

    In other news,

    Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 31.14% win rate. This is a tragedy. Whether being accidentally used while still in fountain or used just in time for that clutch nyx stun saving your teammate’s life, it has always made memorable game impacts. It is our duty and responsibility as fellow gamers and members of this community to give the item the win rate it deserves. Thank you in advance for your support.

    Black Capped Chickadee 2018-10-16

    Liquid is putting member’s health and wellbeing first. Good team!

    0000 2018-10-16

    @Greentoa123 I sell my items and buy a ton of mangoes when we are about to lose 🙂

    Noted, with many thanks 2018-10-16

    If anyone is wondering what “health issue” this is, it was Kuroky attempting to high-kick a speed-ball(the kind of punching bag that’s set up at a height to practice jabs with or smth) and instead missed it and landed on his back. It was quite funny to see but still feel bad for him

    rum 2018-10-16

    ~Last! ?

    Stroke 2018-10-16

    rip 10% of dendi’s winnings

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