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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierPSG.LGD secure TI invite, Na’Vi change their roster, SanSheng to coach NewBee

    PSG.LGD win MDL Changsha Major

    Image by MDL

    PSG.LGD claim another championship title at MDL Changsha after a clean sweep against VGJ.Storm in the grand finals of the Chinese Major. This is the second title for the Chinese squad which was on a roll recently. This win also secures them a direct invite to the International 2018, placing them 3rd in the DPC rankings.

    Runner-ups of the tournament, VGJ.Storm, are now 9th in the rankings, however their recent roster change makes them ineligible for direct invites to TI or the regional qualifier. Given their performance, however, it seems like the team will have little trouble securing the qualifier slot and they are definitely a major contender for the NA qualifiers.

    Na’Vi part ways with LeBronDota, velheor joins the squad

    Na’Vi has undergone yet another roster change, parting ways with LeBron Dota, switching Lil to position five support and welcoming a relatively unknown player, velheor, to their team. This roster change makes the team ineligible for direct regional qualifier invites and they will have to go through open qualifiers to have a chance to play at TI8.

    Na’Vi were in a weird state before the roster change, capable of taking down strong opponents, but lacking consistency to guarantee themselves a win against weaker teams. Time will tell whether this gamble the team is taking is going to improve their chances at TI and whether velheor will be able to fill the in-game coordinator role the team direly needs.

    SanSheng to coach NewBee

    Former TI winner, SanSheng, became the coach of NewBee. Position five support of TI4 champions will return to the squad to offer his expertise and potentially help the team in overcoming difficulties it is currently experiencing. Team’s results have already improved after his acquisition, allowing NewBee to place 4th in the MDL Changsha Major, scoring them 225 DPC points and solidifying their position in the DPC rankings.


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