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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierMiSeRy- leaves Optic, New Alliance roster announced

    Happy Weekend!

    MiSeRy- leaves Optic, Saksa to stand-in

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    Danish veteran Misery has left North-American organization OpTic Gaming. After only a few months with the team, MiSeRy- has called it and will be replaced by his former Planet Odd teammate Saksa, who had been teamless for a while. Saksa is only designated as a short-term replacement for now.

    Optic has had a rough season thus far. They started out strong by qualifying for The Summit 8 through the King’s Cup America, but failed to qualify to any further Minor/Major until just this week. Shortly after replacing MiSeRy, Optic managed to qualify for the Galaxy Battles Major.

    Alliance announces new roster

    Photo by Alliance

    Swedish organization Alliance have announced their new roster. Co-owner and co-founder Loda returns as the team’s captain and brings new blood with him. Former HoN players miCKe, iNsaNia and Boxi as well as former SFT player Taiga will join the line-up. While Boxi has yet to have any notable appearances in the pro Dota scene, miCKe and iNsaNia have both had impressive performances with Team Tuho earlier this season. Alongside the new roster announcement, veteran Loda also hinted towards his retirement, which is why the announcement was titled “A New Legacy”. “We are not a team that picks up established players, we create them”, so Loda.

    Find the official announcement here.

    MidOrFeed disbands

    European stack MidOrFeed has disbanded. Ever since the team’s inception, MidOrFeed has been unable to achieve the appropriate results. Khezu wrote a lengthy statement in which he noted that he felt he “put in more work than others“. The team has disbanded and former support player w33 looks to go back to the mid position.

    Dotabuff launches leaderboards & Pro Circuit meta update

    As matchmaking and its rating has received some changes, we have made appropriate adjustments! As we can no longer track MMR, users no longer have to display their MMR on the in-game profile anymore, as that’s not possible anymore. Since we do track medals, we have added global Solo Queue leaderboards! he first Chinese Minor of the season is down to its top 4. compLexity Gaming, LGD.Forever Young, Vici Gaming and Newbee have all secured additional QP for this Pro Circuit season, with Newbee and VG guaranteed at least 45 QP per player. Several notable teams have already been eliminated and LGD stands out with their early exit from the group stage. European representative Kinguin took everyone by surprise with a top finish in their group,
    but the Polish squad could not go past compLexity. The remaining matches will be played out over the course of this weekend.

    Additionally, we’ve also added new filters to the Pro Circuit meta hub, allowing you to filter this season’s picks by lane, role or even pick priority!

    Tournament Overview:

  • Day 1 of the DreamLeague Major is over and Fnatic & Infamous are the first teams to bid farewell. On the other side of the bracket, Liquid and Secret have secured a top 3 position and thus at least 225 QP per player. You can check all Pro Circuit standings in our Pro Circuit hub.
  • The Galaxy Battles Major qualifiers are almost done. Every region but China has concluded its qualifiers and Team Secret, Team Spirit, Optic Gaming, paiN Gaming and Mineski will travel to the Philippines early next year. Joining them will be 8 direct invites, namely Newbee, Infamous, Team Liquid, OG,, LFY, TNC and Evil Geniuses. One more Chinese team will be determined through a qualifier and the last two spots will be filled via wild cards to be played on site, between Team Empire, Kinguin and the two local teams Skyville and PG.Barracx.
  • Also Noteworthy

  • We launched our second Plus blogpost! This time we take a more in-depth look at how pro teams apply pressure at all stages of the game at the example of two concepts.
  • The Clip of the week goes to Secret as they take on Newbee at the Roshan pit and usher in their victory with a team wipe!

  • Thanks for catching up with us. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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