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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierEHOME Wins The Bucharest Minor, Valve Clears Out Smurfs, Account Buyers and Cheaters, and True Sight Releases Today

    EHOME Wins The Bucharest Minor

    Image by ESL

    EHOME took down Gambit 3-1 in the grand finals to win the Bucharest Minor, a first place prize of $125,000 and 120 DPC points, and the final qualifying slot at the Chongqing Major.

    Both Gambit and EHOME rolled through their competition, both topping out in their groups and didn’t drop a game in the bracket stage until they faced each other. EHOME looked by far the strongest out of the competition, dropping only 1 game (11-1) throughout the event. TI champions, Team OG, currently functioning with a stand-in, ILTW, flamed out early with two consecutive losses to Gambit and NiP.

    It’ll be a short turnaround for EHOME, who will have a week break before the upcoming Chongqing Major. With the addition of EHOME, China will have four teams representing the region.

    Valve Targets Matchmaking Abuse

    Today we reset roughly 17,000 accounts that were found to be abusing matchmaking to get into ranked. These techniques were mostly used by smurfs or account buyers.

    — DOTA 2 (@DOTA2) January 11, 2019

    For the new year, Valve is making moves to target matchmaking abuse in Dota. In their year in review post, they mentioned releasing CS:GO’s Trusted Matchmaking system across all games. Similar to behavior score, your trust score, however, is connected your account, rather than just your Dota activity. The move is a step in the right direction toward managing smurfs and account buyers, whose participation in games can essentially waste the time of 9 other players.

    True Sight Releases Today

    Nearly half a year after Team OG won TI8, Valve will release the True Sight film, offering a behind the scenes look in the grand final series between OG and PSG.LGD. The event in Copenhagen will be streamed live here, with a live Q&A with the champions afterward.

    AnnouncementsEsportsWeekly Courier Tweet Share ShareMore from The Dotabuff BlogESL One Stockholm Meta Recap5 EsportsMetaESL One Stockholm Preview: EEU and NA2 EsportsESL One Stockholm Preview: SEA and SA2 EsportsESL One Stockholm Preview: Western Europe7 Esports13 comments Arnob 2019-01-15

    I can’t wait for the True Sight :’)

    Euronymous 2019-01-15

    I just want to see how LGD players reacted to Ceb’s call.

    Tig3r 2019-01-15

    I guess the number 17,000 is too low. Valve needs to step up to get smurfs and account buyers.

    shady_stuff 2019-01-15

    didnt someone say that recal starts when minor ends?

    Tribo 2019-01-15

    No expect it at the end of Major

    glhf 2019-01-15

    Wow….it’s really nice to see the company taking steps to make the matchmaking system more fair.

    subscribe to CONG TV 2019-01-16

    I just want VALVE clear all the smurf accounts and cheaters..

    [‘-_-‘] 2019-01-16

    I wanna see some actions to the player that throw the game i always encounter player like that. Report and lowprio was not enough for that kind of action

    PERFECT TOAST 2019-01-16

    17,000 is such a minuscule number for a game with 10,000,000 monthly players worldwide

    Metsis 2019-01-16

    Not all smurfs are created equal. I don’t think they can just start banning an excessive amount of accounts… As there will be people’s real accounts being deleted by accident. They can only throw out the most blatant bunch… But it is a step in the right direction and we will all be better for it. Thank you Valve for doing the leg work on this.

    Atha 2019-01-17

    I also want valve to remove all the smurf and the cheaters, but I also understand that valve need to do things step by step so they can distinguish between real accounts and smurfs.

    My friends was legend 1 but recently he improved so much that I think he is worthy playing at Ancient 1 bracket, but I once try to borrow his account and played 1 game. It was a super hard game because the enemy plays invoker like in my bracket and stomped my teammates, I was using support so I cant do much that game.

    Atha 2019-01-17

    My point is, I think my friend account was flagged as smurf, hence the reason why it meet such a smart invoker and its team.

    This kind of thing is hard to be distinguished since it’s an actual improvement of skill but get placed on a too high skill bracket

    Kolinz Black 2019-01-28

    Роботы, по ним сразу видно)

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