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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierDemon Returns To DC, Midas Mode Announced & New Treasure Chest

    Happy Friday!

    Demon returns to DC, replaces MoonMeander

    North American veteran DeMoN has returned to Digital Chaos. After being kicked from the team earlier this year, Demon tried his luck with compLexity Gaming and most recently with Team Tuho. Neither engagements worked out for him, but he has found his way back to Digital Chaos, who went on to qualify for The International without him. He replaces former Planet Odd offlaner MoonMeander, who had taken on the reigns at DC as both the captain and 5 position support. Moon was however unable to find success with Digital Chaos, as the team failed to qualify for any event thus far.

    The original announcement can be found here.

    DA.SA disbands

    Digital Chaos’ South American squad has decided to disband. On the last day of the Major registration deadline, some of the players signed up for different teams, leaving the Digital Chaos organization. The team’s PGL Minor spot will be given to the winner of the tiebreaker between SG e-Sports and Infamous. No official statement from Digital Chaos has been made yet, but former DC.SA player Mr.Kingão stated on Facebook that him and hFn k3 <3 maucela received a “safer offer” from a Brazil organization. Their new team has yet to be unveiled. The remaining players, namely Matthew, Kingteka and Leostyle, have already registered as a new team under the name Sacred, together with dvatOlOkO and Benjaz.

    New treasure chest

    Valve has released a new treasure chest. Featuring sets for Rubick, Monkey King, Enigma, Necrophos, Abaddon, Naga Siren, Shadow Fiend, Clockwerk and Terrorblade, players can purchase this new chest for $2.49. The chest contains only one mythical set, a Terrorblade set which is the chest’s rare drop.

    An overview of the chest’s contents can be found here.

    PGL Minor talent line-up announced

    The PGL Open Bucharest, the second minor of the season, has announced its talent line-up. Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner is set to return to the hosting desk and will be accompanied by joinDota’s Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson, as well as a variety of other analysts and casters, such as Austin ‘DotaCapitalist’ Walsh or former Planet Odd coach William ‘Blitz’ Lee. The original announcement can be found here.

    Moonduck announces Midas Mode teams & dates

    Image by Moonduck

    Earlier this year, Moonduck announced the concept of a new tournament. In Midas Mode, teams have to spend money to ban and pick heroes,
    as such they are forced to manage their economy throughout the entire event. A more detailed run down of the concept can be found here. Initially, the tournament was supposed to be hosted going into TI but had to be delayed. Now, Moonduck has announced that Midas Mode will run from November 18th-28th, featuring top teams from both North America (Evil Geniuses, Optic Gaming, Immortals, Digital Chaos) and Europe (Team Liquid, OG, Natus Vincere, Mid or Feed).

    Tournament Overview:

  • The Perfect World Masters qualifiers have concluded and a variety of new faces will attend the LAN event in Shanghai. Team Kinguin is set to make their first appearance at a premier LAN event and SG e-sports team will be the first Brazilian Dota 2 team to compete on Chinese soil. Joining them will be compLexity Gaming, Mineski, Vega Squadron, PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming.
  • DotaPit’s 6th season is set to begin at the beginning of November. In addition to the invited Team Liquid and Newbee, SG e-Sports, Vici Gaming, Mineski,, OG and Immortals will compete for 300 qualifier points and $300,000 in prize money.
  • Arteezy and MinD_ContRoL have won the first season of NA & EU FPL respectively, each earning $4,500.
  • Also Noteworthy

  • North American play by play caster David ‘LD’ Gorman has announced that he is set to take a break from casting until the end of the year.
  • Finnish esports players are granted “athlete status” by the military, “allowing them to take extra time off from compulsory military service“. Notable, affected players include Liquid’s Matumbaman and OG’s JerAx.
  • The Clip of the week goes to Virtus.Pro’s Ramzes who takes out all of OG!

  • Thanks for catching up with us. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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