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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierDay9 to host TI7 & Liquid wins at DreamLeague

    Happy Friday!

    Day9 to host TI7 main stage

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    At the end of last week, Valve announced the talent list for this year’s International. Streamer and StarCraft personality Day9 will host the event’s main stage, while popular CS:GO host Machine will host his 3rd Dota 2 event as he takes on the group stage. The rest of the talent line-up has been announced as well and a several pro players have been invited to add more in-depth knowledge to the broadcast. Alliance’s AdmiralBulldog and Akke have been invited alongside EG’s CEO ppd and Na’Vi’s Pajkatt. Team Freedom’s CCnC rounds out the list of pro player invitees. Notable missing names on the invite list include BeyondTheSummit’s KotlGuy and Moonduck’s TrentPax.

    The full list of invited talent can be found here or in-game in the compendium.

    Level 2000 Collector’s Baby Roshan

    Any user with a level 2000 Battle Pass will have a custom Roshan version in-game and can claim a collector’s statue of a Baby Roshan. For two years now, Valve has shipped out Collector’s Aegises to level 1000 Battle Pass owners. The Baby Roshan is an additional incentive for high level users. More information be found here.

    Battle Pass duration extended

    Earlier this week, Valve announced a few things related to TI with one important piece of information at the end. The Battle Pass duration has been extended and it will now last until September 18. This is in response to many questions surrounding Silt Breaker Act II and how long Battle Pass owners would be able to play the second Act, considering the delay on the first one. The announcement can be found here.

    Team Liquid wins DreamLeague Season 7

    European powerhouse Team Liquid has taken home the DreamLeague Season 7 title by taking down Planet Odd 3-2 in the finals. After a horrendous 0-2 start, Liquid turned the series around and successfully defended their title. Midplayer Miracle in fact has won the title 4 times in a row, having previously won it twice with OG and once with Liquid. Match details and Clips can be found here.

    Also Noteworthy

  • The Arcana vote is in its final stage. Rubick and Pudge face off against one another in a final vote to determine this year’s Arcana recipient. Cast your vote in-game!
  • No more submissions can be made for the Short Film Contest, now it is on the community to vote for the best entries. Vote here steamcommunity.
  • The Clip of the week goes to Team Liquid’s Mind_Control for this beautiful 5-man Blackhole

  • Thanks for catching up with us. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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