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    Dota 2 – The Weekly CourierChina Supermajor Kicks Off, Valve Announces New Changes To Dota Pro Circuit, Loda and Demon Retire

    China Supermajor Begins

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    After eliminating their Day 1 opponents, Team Liquid and Secret are set to square off in the upper bracket. VGJ.Thunder and Optic dropped to the lower bracket, where they’ll be fighting for their survival and a top 8 slot on the DPC board for TI8. Optic, currently at 9th in the DPC standings, trails VGJ.Thunder by 135 points. They’ll need to finish at least 4th place, while beating VGJ.Thunder along the way, to nudge into the top 8.

    Valve Announces Dota Pro Circuit Changes For 2018-2019

    Following the inaugural Dota Pro Circuit season, Valve announced upcoming changes to the 2018-2019 season. Some of the major changes include the removal of a hard roster lock, limiting ownership to only one eligible team to compete at TI, and eliminating direct invites for Major and Minor events.

    The rules are welcome changes for teams that were navigating between the lines of the first Dota Pro Circuit season. Points being tied to teams opens up roster flexibility, while limiting the kind of roster changes that aim to ferry DPC points between teams. And with Majors and Minors eliminating direct invites, the qualifier becomes gains more weight, opening up more slots to the field.

    “The Major qualifier will run first, and teams who do not qualify for the Major will be eligible to compete in the Minor qualifiers a few days later. The winner of the Minor Main Event will have a reserved slot in the respective Major happening shortly afterwards.”

    Loda and Demon To Retire From Dota

    Some tweet, some blog, but jimmy vlogs
    Quitting the pro Dota2 scene forever (as a player)

    — Jimmy Ho (@DotaDeMoN) June 1, 2018

    Two Dota veterans, Loda and Demon, announced their retirements this week. In a heartfelt vlog, Demon said, “I am done trying to get myself out there and being on top and just quitting as a pro player. It’s something I’ve contemplated for a long time, but with much deliberation, I just completely think this is the best route for me and my future.” He walks through what led to his decision, the difficulties of moving overseas and finding new opportunities in his career, and his emotional journey throughout his decade long career. “That’s kind of it, for me. I think I’ve had a pretty decent run in my career.”

    A New Generation.

    Today @LodaBerg steps up to coach the Dota 2 team. It is the conclusion of the Legend’s pro player career, but he will always carry on its legacy. #LiveAndLetLoda

    Additionally, Alliance wish to welcome @qojqva1 who has joined the team!

    — Alliance (@theAllianceGG) June 3, 2018

    Alliance officially announced Loda’s retirement and his new position as the team’s coach. The move brings an end to the TI 2013 squad, leaving s4 as the only remaining active Dota pro.

    “I will always play Dota, and it is likely that I will play in an open tournament in the future. But I am not going back to being a pro player. However, this is not the end of my time in Alliance I will remain and die with Alliance, I know that now.

    It has been a great ride. ”

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