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    Dota 2 – The International 2019 Predictions: Players

    Third part of our predictions is going to be all about players. Luckily, there is a lot of statistics available on the teams attending the biggest esports event of the year, so the predictions are relatively easy. Once again, we would like to remind you that our explanations are generally more valuable than the actual prediction we are giving.

    Player with highest Kill avg

    It is really hard to go against Miracle- in this category, since he has an almost 10% lead in kill average over his next opponent. There is, of course, the question of how good Team Liquid are going to be overall, after their honeymoon period with w33 is over, so if you feel skeptical Paparazi灬, Gabbi and SumaiL- are good options.

    Player with most Kills in a game

    This category is slightly different, since we are looking for this one long, potentially explosive game for one player. TNC Predator comes to mind when the length of the game is in question and OG comes to mind, when we start talking about explosiveness. Therefore both Gabbi and ana are decent options. We are going to go with the latter.

    Player with lowest Death avg

    Nisha and Ame are uncontested leaders in this category and depending on which team you feel is going to be more successful overall, pick accordingly. On one hand, Secret was really strong this year, but they had a rather lackluster closing tournament of the season. On the other, PSG.LGD didn’t look quite as dominant and as powerful as they did last year. We will believe that Puppey was saving strats for TI, so will go with Nisha in this category.

    Player with highest Assist avg

    There is a reason TIMS is such a high value fantasy team pick—the man is a terribly underappreciated support monster with the only player coming even close being Frisk. Sure, Vici Gaming might be a stronger team, but in Tims we trust.

    Player with most Assist in a game

    Same logic applies here, especially given how TNC Predator tends to have longer games on average as well.

    Player with highest Last Hit avg

    Ame really loves to hit creeps and so does Ace. We have slightly more faith in PSG.LGD creating a comfortable environment for their carry, so Ame is a natural choice. If, however, you want to pick a player from the “unquestionable favorite” category of teams, you should go with RAMZES666.

    Player with most Last Hits in a game

    We are looking for a Tinker or an Anti-Mage game that goes long. Of the two heroes, Tinker probably vacuums more of the map, so we should pick either Armel or Abed, since they are the only two players who are expected to try the hero out. If you don’t trust the SEA Tinkers or prefer Anti-Mage, go with Nisha or Ace.

    Player with most GPM in a game

    Alchemist could be a thing this TI and the only two players who have played Alchemist this season with a respectable winrate are No[o]ne- and w33. It is probably easier to justify picking No[o]ne, since Ramzes is on average less farm-oriented than Miracle.

    Player with highest GPM avg

    Ame, Nisha, Miracle, Ramzes and Arteezy all have similar average GPM stats and are all excellent choices. Pick a member of the team you think is going to be the most successful in the tournament. Once again, we are going to go with Nisha.

    Player that plays the Most different heroes

    zai, Fata, MidOne, No[o]ne- and KuroKy all played more than 40 unique heroes this season. Once again, we believe Team Secret is going to have more games in the tournament overall, so our picks are restricted to Zai and MidOne. MidOne won in this category last year, so we are going to pick Zai.

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